Watch Logan Popelka And Eric Hemphill's 46 Second 400m Duel

Logan Popelka (Wylie) and Eric Hemphill (Brenham) were the expected boy's 400 meter matchup. The expectation was that we would surely see a 47 mid performance. Popelka and Hemphill had other plans.

Hemphill ran an aggressive first 200m putting the pressure on the entire field. He would stay strong through 300m, but that's when Popelka decided to find his groove.

Popelka, the Boston University signee began to battle back on the homestretch as the two battled fatigue, the clock, and the wind.

On the homestretch, the fight for the win was on as we witnessed Popelka drop a 46.66 for the fastest time in the country and Hemphill produced a 46.86 for third fastest time nationally.