Isabel Conde De Frankenberg's 4:45 New 5A Girls 1,600 Record

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If the 5A girls 800m wasn't enough to satisfy your taste and let you know these middle distance girls can really roll then the 1,600m would surely do it. That's if the four studs who ran the 800m earlier had enough gas in the tank to run up to their potential.

Anastacia Gonzales (Boerne Champion) won this event last year going away, but this year figured to be different.

Gonzales took the lead through the first 400m in 1:10 with Isabel Conde De Frankenberg and Cameron McConnell close in tow.

The three would run together with Erin O'Brien trying to join the crew. At 800m, the trio would come through in 2:23.52 and Frankenberg would take the lead at the 900m mark. McConnell would match the move as the two began to move away from the Gonzales and O'Brien.

At the bell it was Frankenberg and McConnell in 3:39, but Fankenberg would pull away and hunt the state record.

Her final 150m were stuff only specially wired athletes are made of as she would turn the legs over one after the other and crush the former UIL 5A record of 4:48 and reestablish the new mark to 4:45.95.

McConnell was second in 4:51.26 and Gonzales was third in 4:58.44.

Isabel Conde De Frankenberg gets second title of day and a conference 5A record

Photo Credit: Chane Kirby - MileSplit TX