10 Girls Who Could Win Gatorade Texas POY Award

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Now that the 2022 track and field season has concluded, it's it time to look forward to postseason awards. One of the most prestigious and coveted awards for athletes is the Gatorade Player of the Year award.

Gatorade awards a state award for each sport and each gender. After Gatorade State Player of the Year awards are announced, a Gatorade National Player of the Year is selected. Each sport's pool of male and female state winners is evaluated further on the program's three pillars - athletic excellence, academic achievement and exemplary character. The twelve national winners selected represent the nation's best all-around high school student-athletes.

Without concrete evidence of what the Gatorade committee looks for, we have selected 10 young ladies we think will be the top considered based on their 2022 track and field resumes. 

With three national level meets happening next weekend, athletes will not have the opportunity to run, jump, throw, or vault themselves onto this list or improve their standings in the eyes of the Gatorade committee as girls submission entries are due by 6/13 and announcement date will be 6/30

Click the links to see who those 10 young ladies we think currently have legitimate chances of being considered as well as our thoughts on their chances of winning based solely on the athletic excellence.