Watch Ayden Granados Open With 15:51 5K At Edcouch Elsa

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Ayden Granados ended his 2022 track and field season with a bang as he finished with two medals at the UIL Track and Field championships in the UIL 5A division.

This weekend, he rolled up to a near cross country course and dropped an easy 15:51 5,000 meter run at the 34th Annual Edcouch Elsa Yellowjacket Invitational.

Expectations are high for the McAllen Memorial star after finishing the track season with 1:56.71, 4:11.03, 9:08.91 PRs, and two state meet silver medals. After starting with a 15:51, he looks like an early favorite in the 5A classification.

His head coach, Jesse Trejo didn't expect much from his senior, but what he got was a one minute improvement from last year's run at the same meet on the exact same course. In 2021, Granados went 16:51 at the Edcouch Elsa course; he eventually ran a 15:30.90 PR at the UIL state meet that saw him finish eighth overall with an all-state finish.

His 2022 should definitely be one to watch.

Ayden Granados (Center) gives the crowd two thumbs up prior to the 2022 UIL 5A state meet 1,600m

Photo Credit: Chance Kirby: MileSplit TX

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His improvement could be attributed to a couple of factors. However, one that can not be overlooked is the push he received from Memorial teammate Diego Deleon. If Granados appeared to have an easy solo run, it's because Deleon was doing the same thing just a few meters behind.

Deleon was in a tough spot; his teammate was meters ahead and the rest of the field was a good margin further behind. Running in no-man's land he was pretty much on a solo run that ended in a 16:07.

 Deleon PRed in three events last year like Granados when he went 2:04.30, 4:26.02, and 10:01.37. If you think Granados' improvement from his first race last year was impressive, let's look at Deleon.

Deleon ran 17:44 last year at Edcouch Elsa, that is over a minute and a half slower than Friday's 16:07. That's not all, a 16:45 run on a short course at FEAST was Deleon's PR - - that was until Friday's 16:07. The improvement was clearly visible in last year's track season, but the start to the 2022 season leaves no doubt that McAllen Memorial has two seniors that will be tough to deal with this fall!

Diego Deleon crosses the finish line at the 34th Annual Edcouch Elsa Yellowjacket Inv.

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