Gilmer Gets Two Relay Wins and Fort Stockton Wins 4x400

Boys 4x100 Relay

Wichita Falls Hirschi came in with the the top seed time of 42.15 and having lane five in the middle of the track they were even harder to miss than their classic sky blue and red uniforms already made them. With eight teams all entering with seeds less than a second within one another, errors would be very costly.

It was Gilmer on the outside getting the first exchange and putting pressure on the field, but Aubrey made work on the second leg to handoff evenly with Gilmer.

They were pretty much even in the last exchange, but Gilmer had Will Henderson on the anchor leg to put it to bed getting the win in 41.15 for the Buckeyes. That gave the team 20 important team points in the team standings.

Wichita Falls Hirschi would get second in 41.79 and Aubrey would grab third and important team points.

Boys 4x200 Relay

Things were looking good for Gilmer coming off the 4x100 relay and and Henderson's 100m win. However, they had the third fastest seed time of 1:28.53. It was Celina and their 1:28.00 from regionals with the top seed narrowly over district rival Aubrey and their 1:28.01.

If you thought that was going to make it a close race, consider there were three more teams under 1:29. So, throwing seed times out of the window all we could do is watch the race manufacture itself.

After the first exchange, it was close with everyone in the mix, but Waxahachie Life, Stafford, Celina, and Gilmer had slight leads and by the second handoff it was Gilmer Aubrey, and Celina in that order.

Stafford got a great carry from their third leg and handed off with the leaders when Henderson went crazy on anchor taking the lead and the win for Gilmer. Aubrey held on for second place and Celina got in for third.

All of the top teams ran far better than their seed times with the podium with Gilmer at 1:25.90, Aubrey 1:26.99 and Celina 1:27.30 making it to the podium.

Boys 4x400 Relay

Seven teams entered with state meet with times ranging from 3:19.95 by Fort Stockton to Wharton at 3:21.89. That meant a lot of bodies running and exchanging in a small spaces on the track. Returning silver medalists from 2022 Dumas was in this race with Oliver Ortiz waiting on the anchor leg

Fort Stockton and Dumas got out well and then Celina out of nowhere came in and split them right before the exchange. Fort Stockton then ran the best curve to get the the break first and then Celina's second leg ran a perfect cut on the break.

Waco La Vega moved into third before the second exchange and then Celina took the lead as Aubrey slipped into third place. 

Before the last handoff, Fort Stock moved back into first with celina hot on their heels. Aubrey was third and Dumas with Ortiz was in striking distance. 

Aubrey's anchor would make a major move and go past Celina. Fort Stockton held on for the win in 3:17.19 and Aubrey runner-up in 3:17.49. Wharton got a superb anchor from JaCorric Allen to come from way back and get them on the podium in third place at 3:18.03.