Duncanville's 1:22.25 Shatters 4x200 Relay National Record

* Brayden Williams carried the baton first for Duncanville's 4x200 relay

Photo Credits: Christine Langford

UIL Track and Field State Championships

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The UIL 6A boys 4x200 relay had the makings of another national record. 

That's what it got.

The Duncanville Panthers came in as the defending state champions and also had the fastest time in the state at 1:23.42.

Entering the Texas state meet, The Woodlands followed with a season best of 1:23.76.

Caden Durham was second leg for the Duncanville 4x200 Relay

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At the first exchange, it was Katy Tompkins who appeared to hand off right with Duncanville, but The Woodlands were only a step back themselves.

The three teams continued to run lock step with one another at the second exchange, but Duncanville handed off just ahead of Tompkins and The Woodlands.

Running off the final turn, Duncanville had the lead, but they had two loaded anchor legs running for Tompkins and The Woodlands who were both giving chase.

Nevertheless, it was Duncanville anchor DaKorien Moore who was up for the challenge and powered home to not only secure the win, but set a new National Record time of 1:22.25. They lowered the national record by exactly a full second.

Ayson Theus hands off to DaKorien Moore for final leg of record breaking 4x200 relay

Katy Tompkins was second and they were also under the former national record with their 1:22.72; The Woodlands who held the National Record coming into the meet was third in 1:23.47.

Duncanville had their exact same group of 4x100 relay boys in this race, just in a different order. Junior Brayden Williams who was coming off a sixth place in the open 100m ran lead off and handed off to the 100m third place finisher, senior Caden Durham.

On the back end, it was a set of five star wide receivers who brought it home for the Panthers. Sophomore Ayson Theus was third leg and opened things up before passing the baton off to junior DaKorien Moore.