Moonlight Madness Invitational 2015

Montgomery, TX
Hosted by Montgomery

Meet Information


Dear Coach,

We would like to invite you to the Montgomery Moonlight Madness XC Invitational. This years meet will be held Thursday, September 3, 2015. The meet will be run at our athletic complex across the street from the high school. We will turn on all of the lights from the playing fields and parking lots, the course will be well-lit. We look forward to providing you and your team a quality meet to compete in.


Varsity Boys Div. I ( 5K)
Varsity Girls Div. I ( 5K)
Varsity Boys Div. II (5K)
Varsity Girls Div. II (2 Mile)
J.V. Boys (5K)
J.V. Girls (2 Mile)
9th Boys (2 Mile)
7th boys and girls (scored separate)
8th boys and girls (scored separate)
Meet Schedule: 5:00 p.m. 7th boys and girls 2 mi.
5:30 8th boys and girls 2 mi.
6:00 9th boys (Unlimited) 2 mi.
6:30 J.V. Girls (Unlimited) 2 mi.
7:00 J.V. Boys (Unlimited) 3.1 mi.
7:30 Varsity Girls Div. II (10 runners) 2 mi.
8:00 Varsity Boys Div. II (10 runners) 3.1 mi.
8:30 Varsity Girls Div. I (10 runners) 3.1 mi.
9:00 Varsity Boys Div. I (10 runners) 3.1 mi.