Meet Information

10th Annual Moody Bearcat Cross Country Invitational
The 10th edition of the Moody Cross Country Invitational will reprise the relay race from last
year. I am excited that this also provides you with an opportunity to bring some junior high kids
as I know many will not be ready for 2 miles after just a week of school. Here are the details.
Date: Saturday, August 25th, 2018
Entry Fee: $25 per team (3 to a team for HS, 2 for JH). Max of $350 per school.

Please make checks out to the Moody ISD.
If you mail your entry fee, please address it to the attention of Jarrod Thomas.
Entries: Entries may be submitted either via email (preferred), fax, or mail. Please let me
know that you are planning to attend and what divisions you will be entering.
I will email a form to complete with the names of your athletes for each team the
week of the meet. Entries will be due by Thursday, August 23
Schedule: 8:00 a.m. Varsity Girls 3 x 1.5 (4.5 miles total)
Varsity Boys 3 x 1.5 (4.5 miles total)
JV Girls 3 x 1 (3 miles total)
JV Boys 3 x 1 (3 miles total)
Junior High Girls 2 x 1 (2 miles total)
Junior High Boys 2 x 1 (2 miles total)

The meet will be run on a rolling schedule. As soon as a division is completed, the
next division will begin. Depending on numbers, some races may be combined.
Varsity will be limited to 3 teams. JV and JH are unlimited.

Site: The course will be at the Moody High School.
Results: Final result sheets will be emailed to each coach by the Monday following the

meet. Please make sure I have an accurate email address for you.

Awards: Top 5 teams in each division will receive medals.
Entries: Return all entries to:
Jarrod Thomas
Moody High School
Cell: 254-405-4529
Fax: 254-853-3822