Meet Information


Featuring The Gary Derks Memorial Boys and Girls 5K (Varsity)

Hosted by Seven Lakes High School


Thank you for attending our Seven Lakes Showcase. We will do our best to make sure your teams have a great experience here at Seven Lakes High

School. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at or my cell number 281-658-3835. We are looking

forward to our best showcase ever! Coach Scott Kenney


Saturday, August 31 st , 2019


Seven Lakes High School

9251 South Fry Road

Katy, TX 77494


7:00 a.m. Coaches Meeting at the east room of the concession stand

7:20 a.m. Boys Varsity Gary Derks Memorial 5k- limit 10-scoring 7 runners-chip timed

7:45 a.m. Girls Varsity Gary Derks Memorial 5k- limit 10-scoring 7 runners-chip timed

8:10 a.m. Jr. Varsity Boys 5k- limit 10-scoring 7 runners chip timed

8:35 a.m. Jr. Varsity Girls 3200m- limit 10-scoring 7 runners-chip timed

8:50 a.m. Freshmen Boys 3200m- limit 10-scoring 7 runners-chip timed

9:05 a.m. HS UIL Open Division 3200-unlimited-open to boys & girls-not timed

9:20 a.m. ALL ages- junior high athletes, parents, etc 3200m unlimited- open to all- not timed

. * Awards Ceremony-Immediately following the Open Division 3200m- Top ten individuals and top teams will be recognized


Girls: Varsity 5k, Junior Varsity 3200m, Open Division 3200

Boys: Varsity 5k, Junior Varsity 5K, freshmen 3200m, HS Open Division 3200, All Ages Open 3200m


Varsity: Team championship and Team Runner-Up Plaques

Medals: Top twenty (20) individuals

Medals: Seven (7) to the first place team

JV/Freshman: Team championship and Team Runner-Up Plaques

Medals: Top twenty (20) individuals

Medals: Seven (7) to the first place team

The Awards ceremony will be held at the completion on the meet.

Plenty of high-fives and cheering

VII. COST: Boys Teams$75; Girls Teams $75; (Maximum fee of $150 per school); The KISD athletic agreement is in effect for this athletic event.

IMPORTANT: Please make checks payable to SLHS Boys Cross Country Attention Scott Kenney


If you send checks via mail, please address them to: Seven Lakes High School, c/o Boys XC- Scott Kenney; 9251 South Fry Rd. Katy, TX

77494.*Refund Policy: Please understand that we cannot control the weather, and any meet fees will not be refunded if cancellation is deemed

necessary for the safety of our athletes.

VIII. ROSTERS: An excel spreadsheet will be sent out the third week of August. Please follow the directions and coding on the excel spread sheet.

Rosters of all possible contestants must be submitted via email to: The deadline for rosters is Monday, August 26, 2019.

Please include the names of all possible runners; (last name, first name), Division number, Gender, and Team Number. You will not be able to add

individuals to your roster after the due date. We are taking entries and scoring the Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls, Junior Varsity Boys, Junior Varsity Girls,

and Freshmen Boys Divisions.

IX. REMIND: Please sign up with the Remind APP. The Seven Lakes Showcase Code is @7lakesxc

X. SPECTATOR ADMISSION: Spectators will be charged an entrance fee. Adults: $5 and Students: $3

XI. CONCESSIONS: A concession stand will be open and serving a variety of snacks and drinks including nachos, chips, candy, and various drinks. Pre-

ordered school meals are available upon request.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Scott Kenney

Seven Lakes High School Boys Cross Country

9251 South Fry Road

Katy, TX 77494

School phone 281-237-2896 School FAX 281-644-1785 cell phone 281-658-3835

Remind Code: @7lakesxc

Top 10 Varsity Boys 5k Time Top 10 JV Girls 2 mile Times

1.Theo Goff Oak Ridge High School 15:12.90 2016 1. Kassandra Luna Cy-Fair High School 12:10 2011

2. Devin Fahey Stratford High School 15:28.78 2016 2. Allison Tracy Seven Lakes High School 12:15 2011

3. Austin Richard Stratford High School 15:34.5 2014 3 Caroline Wheat Kingwood High School 12:18.50 2016

4. Dillon Worley Klein High School 15:38 2011 4. Amber Byrd Cy-Woods High School 12:26.43 2016

5. Daniel Figueroa Tompkins High School15:39.00 2016 5. Lauren Roberts Katy High School 12:27 2011

6. Cole Lindhorst Tompkins High School 15:44. 50 2018 6. Dalia Najjar Cinco Ranch High School 12:28.67 2016

7. Alan ElBanna Cinco Ranch High School 15:44.84 2018 7. Tori Welkener Seven Lakes High School 12:31.18 2013

8. Alec Esposito Cy-Woods High School 15:47.43 2016 8. Allie Self Kingwood High School 12:31.71 2016

9. Roderick Bell Seven Lakes High School 15:48.3 2014 9. Elizabeth Davis Cypress Woods 12:34.30 2016

10. Richard Saenz Cinco Ranch High School 15:48. 45 2018 10. Sofia Rubio 9 Katy Tompkins 12:34.78 2016

Top 10 Varsity Girls 5K Time Top 10 Freshmen Boys 2 Mile Times

1. Sandy Raines Kingwood High School 17:56.2 2012 1.Carson Slater Seven Lakes High School 10:14.80 2016

2. Reagn Kappel Cinco Ranch High School 18:12.56 2016 2. Francis Galdino Stratford High School 10:27.60 2016

3. Heidi Nielson Cinco Ranch High School 18:13.61 2018 3. Noah Howard Tompkins High School 10:34.29 2018

4. Alyssa Balandran Tompkins High School 18:28.81 4. Brian Gonzalez Katy High School 10:41 2011

5. Brittany Innis Cedar Park High School 18:28.4 2012 5. Samuel Flusche Cinco Ranch 10:47.91 2016

6. Grace Custer Stratford High School 18:28.65 2018 6. Peyton Hanna Seven Lakes High School 10:50.30 2016

7. Erica Brown Seven Lakes High School 18:32.61 2013 7. Andrew Nugent Seven Lakes High School 10:50.50 2016

8. Reagan Kappel Cinco Ranch High School 18:35.2 2015 8. Andrew Koob Seven Lakes High School 10:51.1 2014

9. Jessica Hergott Kingwood High School 18:36.87 2016 9. Ruben Rojas Seven Lakes High School 10:52.35 2018

10. Jessica Ellis Westlake High School 18:37.08 2013 10. Eamanuel Galdino Stratford High School 10:52.46 2018

Top 10 JV Boys 5k Times

1. Andrew Koob Seven Lakes High School 17:01.34 2016

2. Erick Torres Cypress Ranch High School 17:18.98 2016

3. Ferdinand Hoven Tompkins High School 17:19.12 2018

4. Leonel Perez Cedar Park High School 17:24.38 2012

4. Anthony Mata Cedar Park High School 17:24.58 2012

5. David Church Cedar Park High School 17:24.84 2012

6. James Yeargan Seven Lakes High School 17:24.4 2014

7. Eric Nakazono Tompkins High School 17:26.27 2016

8. Gabriel Garibaldi Seven Lakes High School 17:26.37 2016

9. Ben SmithTompkins High School 17:29.24 2018

10. Jeff Shilanski Cinco Ranch 17:34.17 2016