NXN Previews: South and Southwest Regions Nov 20, 2008

NXN South/Southwest Regions: Texas should dominate the action at the NXN South Regional, while the Southwest features a renewal of battles between top New Mexico and Colorado rivals

South Top 12 Individual Rankings: Brasovan & Kroeger Look to Dazzle Aug 26, 2008

Last fall the Foot Locker South girls squad ran strong from start to finish in San Diego, scoring a 1-2 finish up top and tying the Northeast girls for the team trophy. This year eight of the ten female Foot Locker qualifiers return, led by defending national champion Ashley Brasovan (FL) and 2006 national champion Kathy Kroeger (TN) (pictured above by John Herzog). The boys side will follow the lead of '07 Foot Locker qualifiers CJ Brown (TX) and Thomas Porter (VA). These could very well be the strongest boys and girls contingents for the South squad in some time.