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4 years ago Hey bantazmo....
If you fill out the form here our customer service team will take care of you: http://www.flospo...
4 years ago 17-6A District Meet Results
4 years ago Rankings
@tfrank Unfortunately, at this time our live results do not automatically go into our databas...
4 years ago Athletes with multiples profiles but wrong school
Will Grundy has taken over for Bryan as the Texas editor. Will's email is william.grundy@flosp...
5 years ago KU Indoor Results Need Updated
Hey guys, We are working to fix anything from last weekend. Indoors is difficult as without a...
5 years ago Getting times posted
@Rgarrison If you fill out the form on the link below they will help you out http://www.mi...
5 years ago MileStat Presents The VA Showcase 2017
@Bigred120473 http://va.milesplit.com/meets/229952/results/493588/formatted
5 years ago Lamar Tiger Invitational results
@drewboy1 Do you have the html of pdf version of the results that you could send me to post?
5 years ago Hermitage Invitational 2016
@kjjenks Varsity/MS results are now posted
5 years ago Grandview Invitational 2016
@Big_Al_2112 Thanks. Fixed.
5 years ago Willis wildkat Invitational
@bogey55 Good catch. Fixed
5 years ago Willis wildkat Invitational
5 years ago Lake Highlands Invitational
@mnkfisher Sorry about that. Should be fixed now
5 years ago Bonner Springs
@rpxc Should be in the rankings soon. Sorry about that
5 years ago Getting results posted on this site....
@pstahl Thanks results are posted and going in the database
5 years ago Getting results posted on this site....
@JimBeatty If you post them on the message boards I can post them or send me a message. Thanks!
5 years ago Pleasant Hill Icebreaker Results?
@Hays Thanks for the heads up. I set the meet to the right school out in Oregon.
5 years ago Early Bird Meet at Parkway Central
@bantazmo I got you Banta
5 years ago Atascocita
@tpthouston Thank you for the explanation. I have gone ahead and changed it to 5:04.5. I did...
5 years ago Atascocita
@tpthouston I was going off the results found here which had 5:04.0: http://www.ttfca.com/img-...
5 years ago Atascocita
@tpthouston Fixed
5 years ago Atascocita
@empressmarj It appears that some of the meet was FAT and some was hand timed due to the rain...
5 years ago Atascocita
@empressmarj Yeah those are the times that we had, but the meet appears to be hand timed so t...
5 years ago Atascocita
@empressmarj What times are incorrect? I inputted the performances as hand timed which has add...
5 years ago Atascocita
@empressmarj http://tx.milesplit.com/meets/231182/results/428240/formatted
5 years ago Atascocita
@empressmarj The only results that are available are pictures of a PDF which we are unable to d...
5 years ago Temple Meet Last Saturday
@buttercup http://tx.milesplit.com/meets/227093/results/427195/formatted
5 years ago 2016 Wells Fargo Burnet Bulldogs Relays
@burtonm http://tx.milesplit.com/meets/230655/results I am assuming the meet was only boys...
5 years ago Longview Lobo Relays 2016
@bransonellis Fixed. Thanks for catching this.
5 years ago 2016 Wells Fargo Burnet Bulldogs Relays
@burtonm Sorry about that. Will have them up by this evening.
5 years ago Walter Heinstcel Relays 2016
@mrjdye Sorry about that - should be all good now
5 years ago C.L. Hanna Gator Relays 2016
@Aggietom Our 6th place appears to match the results posted by the meet director: http://www...
5 years ago No times listed on the NEISD 9th/JV meet?
@BigBuffallo Sorry about that. Should work now. The performances have been on the athlete pag...
5 years ago Multiple profiles for athletes
@aroper88r Fixed
5 years ago C.L. Hanna Gator Relays 2016
@tinaw Sorry about that - she was 4th in the prelims and the final results were not showing up ...
5 years ago Smithson Valley Results Wrong
@450miler http://tx.milesplit.com/meets/224992/results/426667/formatted#.VtzO4ZMrK34
5 years ago Smithson Valley Results Wrong
@450miler If you look at the raw results you can see that the results are missing many places...
5 years ago Multiple profiles for athletes
@12thman Should be fixed now. Let me know if there are any more issues.
6 years ago UIL 1A - Region 2 2015
@butcherroch http://tx.milesplit.com/meets/220422/results/411024
6 years ago McCluer North runs 9 at districts?
Should be fixed now
6 years ago Jim Schmeck Invitational results
Fixed. Might take a little bit to reflect in the rankings
6 years ago Rockport Fulton
Their performances where in the database, but they were not correctly set for the district/region...
6 years ago Region 1-5A Meet 2015
Complete results posted http://tx.milesplit.com/meets/193046-region-1-5a-meet#.VUWN9_lViko
6 years ago Region 1-6A Meet 2015
All results are now up and in the database
6 years ago Regional Results
Only some areas are posting live results - we don't actually time the meets, just get them from s...
6 years ago Top 2015 25 girls times.
@tjessup All of those performances are in the database already. Are you looking at a specific l...
6 years ago District 9-10 Area Meet 4A
@ttgrisso Anywhere and everywhere. Some coaches send in results. We also get results from timin...
6 years ago District 9-10 Area Meet 4A
@ttgrisso If we can find the results we will. I have seen some results that are supposedly for...
6 years ago District 9-10 Area Meet 4A 2015
Yeah sorry about that. Switched over to 5A Meet Page http://tx.milesplit.com/meets/205940-distr...
6 years ago District 4 - 4A 2015
That's all that we could find out there. If there are complete out there somewhere just let me k...