Kennedy Bailey Q&A As She Prepares For NBNI

Kennedy Bailey at the Carl Lewis Inv. Watch as Kennedy Bailey prepares for NBNI.

Kennedy Bailey has shown she can run with the top girls in the state. Most of those girls are ranked high in the national standings. Bailey gets ready to perform at New Balance Nationals Indoor (NBNI). Read to see Bailey's mindset and how she is feeling for her big race this weekend.

TXMS - This is your first indoor national level meet. What kind of feelings do you have about this upcoming experience?

KB - I am very exited to be competing with some of the best hurdlers out there! I also look forward to the opportunity to be in a new scenery.

TXMS - With the awesome but relatively short indoor season (compared to your NBNI competitors) where is your confidence pertaining to the 60h race?

KB - I plan on getting on the track, and give it my best effort. Although, i will not get ahead of myself and feel above all the other competitors.

TXMS - You're going to NBNI with your 8.48 PR from this season, that has you with a U.S. #9 ranking. What things do you have to execute to ensure yourself a place in the finals and having a shot to go for a top spot?

KB - Having to put my best foot forward, stay confident. Also remembering all the critiques given to me at practice. 

TXMS - You've bee a good hurdler for the last 3 years. After your fourth place finish at State last year, what has been your motivation and driving force up to this point of the season?

KB - My drive to progress and succeed as an athlete has been my driving force up to this point. Never being content with my performance, knowing I can continue to prosper has been my motivation.

TXMS - No matter whatever happens at NBIN, how do you think the outcome and experience will shape the rest of your season?

KB - I think the outcome will make me a better performer, and will show my stance on a national level. However if i don't get the results I desire, I will be disappointed but honered to have been able to participate in this meet.

TXMS - With the deep and elite hurdle field in Texas, what is it like getting ready for a battle every week and do you think the local competition you face will have you prepared for NBNI?

KB - I focus on preparing myself for my race and having confidence in myself and my training to do my best in my event.

TXMS - What got you started in track & field? What made you choose the hurdle events?

KB - In 4th grade we would race our classmates outside & i would always beat majority of them . That's when i knew I had potential, so then I asked my dad to sign me up for a track club. On the other hand summer going into freshman year my friend Kendall was doing hurdles so she asked me to join. Coach John was also trying to convince me to do hurdles at the time too. Ever since then i stuck with them.

TXMS - If you weren't a hurdler, what would be the next event you'd specialize in and why? What event will we never see you do?

KB - Probably the 200 because that's my 2nd favorite event to run. However you will never see me do pole vault, i've seen the pole snap in the air while someone was up in the air. Ever since then I knew I would never be trying that particular event.

TXMS - Where are you going to college to run?

KB - Baylor University 


TXMS - What is your favorite show?

KB - My favorite show is The Walking Dead, I just really like shows with zombies it excites me !

TXMS - If you could move anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?

KB - Hawaii, i've never been but i heard it's so peaceful & also lots of activities to do.

TXMS - Whataburger or Chick Fil A?

KB - Chick Fil A , because it's just way better to me & theres a lot of different sauces.