Jasmine Moore Q&A: Going For Nat'l Sophomore Class Record At NBNI

Jasmine Moore sets the national freshman class record in the Triple Jump at the 2016 Texas State Meet with her 42-1.75 jump.

Mansfield Lake Ridge's Jasmine Moore is young but deadly. She shattered so many records last season, as a freshman, as well as winning State and New Balance Nationals Outdoor. This year she is off to a great start and she looks to win the New Balance Nationals Indoor (NBNI). She will face stiff competition before she can do so. Moore will also be looking to set the national sophomore record at this meet. We were able to catch some of Moore's time for a quick Q&A, see below.

TXMS - So, your'e just a sophomore, but you've already had tons us state and national success in both the LJ and TJ. What keeps you motivated and pushing further?

JM - What keeps me motivated is the fact i know there is always somebody trying to beat me, and I am always working towards a college scholarship.

TXMS - You won last year's NBNO meet. What will you need to focus on to try to get the win at the NBNI?

JM -  For NBNI I need to focus on myself and the things when i jump like my speed down the runway and running off the board because those little things make a big difference.

TXMS - What is the goal of this year's NBNI for you?

JM - My goal for NBNI is to break the sophomore indoor record for LJ and TJ

TXMS - You'll be competing against Tara Davis again. What is it like when you go up against her? What kind of mindset do your take? Is it different than a meet that she is not at?

JM -  I know Tara is always going to be on her A game so I know I have to bring it too! I know I have to be strong minded when going against her because if she breaks another national record I cant let that get to my head. It's not different than any other meet because I always want to do my best. I just know when I go against her the competition is tougher.

TXMS - In your high school TJ career, there are only two meets that you have not won and in those two you finished second. What does that do for your confidence heading into every meet?

JM - Wow, i actually haven't even thought of that but it gives me a little confidence because I know what i am capable of.

TXMS - You can possibly be the best Texas Triple Jumper ever by the time you graduate. The time in which you are doing this is possible the best and deepest field of female triple jumpers in Texas high school history? What does that mean to you?

JM -  It is a cool experience because I know most of the meets I go to I'm going to be pushed. I believe we all feed off each other and we are all always trying to get better.

TXMS - When did you get involved in track & field, and how did you become a jumper?
JM -  I got involved in track & field when I was 9 and I started running with NTC. I started jumping when I was 12 because my mom long jumped at Florida State and I wanted to be like her.

TXMS - Which jump event is your favorite and why?

JM - Long jump is my favorite mainly because it doesn't require as much pounding on my body, but also because I started long jumping first.


TXMS - If you could take something unique to Texas to NYC with you to influence NYC, what would it be?

JM - 
I would definitely take Whataburger to NYC! 

TXMS - If you could be any super hero or X-man, or whatever, who would it be and why?

JM - 
 I would be spiderman because i've seen all the movies and he's a good guy.

TMS - Pick one boy or girl individual or relay in Texas track and field to battle the rest of the US. 

JM - Desoto High school girls 4x4.

TXMS - What/Who is on your meet day playlist?

JM - I
 will listen to anything Drake, he's my favorite.

TXMS - If you were the spokesperson for a charity or a cause what would it be and why?

JM - I would be a spokesperson for "Hope for Paws" because I am a true dog lover and I wish I could save every dog in danger.