Jasmine Moore Wins NBNO And Extends Soph Class Record

Is she the best or is she the second best or what? Well now, there is no question about it. JASMINE MOORE won the NBNO title and cleared up the controversy. 

At the UIL 5A state track meet, Moore won her second state title in as many years and in doing so, she set the sophomore national class record at 43-4.75. Virginia's TITIANA MARSH then goes to her state meet and drops a bomb 43-5 at her state meet to take the top national spot.

This weekend, they both squared off head to head in the same competition and the Mansfield, Texas star took things into her own hands....or should I say legs. Moore flew through the air until she landed far enough out to secure the top national spot and extend her sophomore class record to 43-7.25.

Moore is now the best 2017 girls triple jumper and still the best sophomore triple jumper EVER, just a little better than before!