See How Eric Edwards and Charles Brockman III compare to 2017 USA Outdoor Champions


Texas hurdle studs have had a great season all year long and it's not over yet. This past weekend, our top guys and girls took to the USA Outdoor Junior Nationals to battle the nations best once again. Week after week, it seems there is another national meet and Texas athletes still manage stand at the top.

At the Junior Nationals, both high school and college athletes were included in the fields. Houston Langham Creek's ERIC EDWARDS won the 110H in a junior class national record 13.32.  Then Plano's CHARLES BROCKMAN III ran a PR 50.70 in the 400H.

This weekend, The USA Outdoor Championships took place as well. Just as in the Junior Championships, the hurdle events provided top notch competition and entertainment at the USA Championships. 

Check out the athlete comparison between two of our Texas competitors and the USA Championship winners from this weekend. This will compare Eric Edwards and this year's USA Champ Aleec Harris in the 110H as well as Charles Brockman III and USA Champ Eric Futch in the 400H to see how their current careers stack up versus the USA Champs when they were at this stage of their carreers. 

                            Eric Edwards vs. Aleec Harris        Charles Brockman III vs. Eric Futch