Was There Really A Snapchat Poll Hack/Conspiracy?

So, there is no doubt one of the biggest meets of the season is going down this weekend. However, the big talk at Bear Branch Park was about the Texas_MileSplit snapchat poll. The poll was out there for the whole world to view and participate in, I mean c'mon, everybody in the world checks in on the TX.MileSplit website daily!  However, as the Eastwood guys say, "Something Fishy" was going on. 

It wasn't just Eastwood, but Grapevine, and Hebron all claimed the same thing. 

Votes came in by the thousands in a matter of minutes and the leaders of the vote were the leaders no more.

The Grapevine guys went as far to say that the Russians or even North Korea were involved in tampering with the vote. Duh duh duh duhhhhhh..... The conspiracy is alive. How could so many votes come in? How could they all go to one recipient? 

As for the guys from Hebron, they called a spade a spade. They called the recipients of the alleged hacking votes by name. Whether they participated with the hackers or not, it is unknown and their involvement as a whole is unknown and alleged. Whoever the Hack Daddy's are, they cant cast a dark cloud over this year's NXR South as it will definitely be dandy of a meet!