Khayla Patel Texas Number 5 Q&A!

Houston Memorrial senior Khayla Patel placed 2nd this weekend at the Texas A&M Invitational running 16:50. This is this is not the first time the senior has been at the top of the pack in fact this year alone she has finished first or second in every meet she's ran in. Last spring she was 4th in the 3200m (10:34) and 7th in the 1600m (5:01). The senior has saw vast improvements each year in cross country as well. In her freshman year she finished 31st, and each year since she has improved cutting her place in half. We asked her about her goals this year, training, and more in this weeks Q&A!

Texas MileSplit: How was the Texas A&M meet this weekend? What was the atmosphere/environment like at the meet? How was it to be surrounded by college runners also racing at the meet?

Khayla Patel: The A&M meet was a great meet! The course was fast and fun, I especially enjoyed having the country side scenery while running. The atmosphere during the meet was calm and made competing less serious and more relaxed. It was motivational to see all the collegiate runners race.

Texas MileSplit: You had great 2nd place finish last weekend at Texas A&M (16:50) after a win two weekends ago at the Spring Branch ISD Invite (17:51), what has training been like to get you to this point? How are these good steps to getting to your goal of running in the low 17's?

Khayla Patel: Training overall has been a great experience. I have been running more interval workouts which has helped me gain more speed. We also have been logging in more miles this year which has has helped me move closer to my goal.

Texas MileSplit: Each year you've improved placing better at the state meet than years past, and this year you said you want to be top 10 at state. What will training look like to reach your goal?

Khayla Patel: My goal of top ten at state this year will be difficult but achievable. I will continue to do interval workouts as well as tempo runs to help with speed and endurance.

Texas MileSplit: Last year you ran Nike South, placing 7th, are you planing on running it again? What is your goal there?

Khayla Patel: I am planning on running Nike South again. My goal is to place top five and hopefully go to nationals.

Texas MileSplit: How has the college recruiting process been? Where are some of the schools you are looking at/ most excited about?

Khayla Patel: The college process has been a exciting experience! I have been looking at some Texas schools, and I am very thankful to have this opportunity to potentially run collegiality.

Bonus Fun Questions:

Texas MileSplit: What are some of your pre and post race rituals or habits?

Khayla Patel: I don't really have any haha.

Texas MileSplit: Describe the perfect post-race meal in detail.

Khayla Patel: The perfect post race meal is a cheeseburger cooked medium well with lettuce, chopped onions, sliced red tomatoes, and a side of waffle fries as well as an Oreo shake.

Texas MileSplit: Who is your favorite pro-runner and why?

Khayla Patel: My favorite pro runner would be Nick Symmonds. I really admire his hard work, dedication and humility. He has inspired me to be more confident about myself and as a runner.

Texas MileSplit: Describe your fondest race memory

Khayla Patel: My fondest race memory would be The Stanford Invitational in Palo Alto last fall. It was nerve-racking and at the same time exciting to compete with other runners across the nation. I did not think I would even place in the top ten, I surprised myself which gave me confidence for the rest of the 2014 season.

Female Three Mile Run Texas A&M Invitational
1Heymach, Julia11Houston Lamar16:42.101
2Patel, Khayla12Houston Memorial16:50.502
3Guidry, Abby12Kingwood High School17:23.903

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