Tontyana Sanders Looks To Bring Home The Gold In 2016!

Coach Hart Tontyana on her visit 

Tontyana Sanders committed to Baylor on Tuesday announcing here decision via twitter. The Waco Connally senior was the 2014 state champion in the 400m dash as only a sophomore. Last year after an injury at the district meet her season was cut short this year she looks to reclaim her title. Check out our Q&A with Sanders below! 

Texas MileSplit: How long had you been thinking about the decision, and what made you finally decide on Baylor? What were some of your other top schools? What made you ultimately settle on Baylor?

Tontyana Sanders: I've always dreamed to be collegiate Track and Field athlete since I was a little girl. Baylor has always been near and dear in my heart. I have trained with Baylor athletes during summer track and admired them deeply. The family atmosphere and amazing coaches ultimately was the factor in my decision. My other top schools were University of Texas, Texas A&M, and TCU.

Texas MileSplitWill you still be playing basketball too? What do you plan on majoring in?

Tontyana SandersBasketball is a sport that I enjoy and will miss it after high school. I have fun with the excitement of basketball, but my heart has always been with track. I plan on majoring in Kinesiology.

Texas MileSplitYou won the 400m state championship in 2014, but didn't make it to the state meet last year, what are some of your goals for this track season?

Tontyana SandersMy goal is stay healthy and humble. My injury at the district meet last year was devastating to me so I definitely want to come back this year stronger than ever.

Texas MileSplitIf you had to pick a highlight moment of your high school career to date, what would that be, and why?

Tontyana SandersThe biggest highlight moment of my high school career is winning State in the 400 meters 8 months after tearing my ACL.

Texas MileSplitCan you give some bold predictions for your upcoming track season?

Tontyana SandersMy prediction is to get back to the time I had in 2014 and bring home the gold.

Texas MileSplitWhat are you most excited for heading into this track season?

Tontyana SandersI'm excited to be hitting the track since last season and ready to deliver dominant results.

Fun Questions:
Texas MileSplitFavorite pro athlete (any sport), and why?

Tontyana SandersSanya Richards-Ross. I really love Sanya's mindset and her drive. She's an Olympic Gold athlete and being coached by Coach Hart, I hope and pray that someday I will be successful as she has been throughout her career.

Texas MileSplitFavorite pre and post race food? Do you have any pre-race/post-race rituals?

Tontyana SandersMy favorite pre-race food is fruit salad and post race is salad. My pre-race ritual is to stay to myself warming up and listen to Eric Thomas.

Texas MileSplitThe Quan or the Nae Nae?

Tontyana SandersThe Quan

Texas MileSplitIf you were an animal what kind of animal would you be and why?

Tontyana SandersI will be a cheetah because they are the fastest animal on land.

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