The Wings TC Wins the 17-18 Year Old Boys 4x800

The Wings Interviews after their 4x800 victory

The morning was cold, windy, and rainy, but that didn't stop The Wings Track Club from doing what they were determined to do. They came to Ypsilanti with the intent to win the AAU Junior Olympic Games championship.
The tone was set early on the first leg. At the first exchange the Houston area squad was tied for first at the first exchange when UIL 6A state qualifier CHRISTIAN GILMORE battled the first leg from Baltimore City Track and Field. On the second leg, the race was decided in a matter of seconds.TRAVIS JACOBS quickly jetted to the front in the first 30 meters and the race was never in doubt after that. With two solid legs on the back end with TAPPS second place finisher BEN ABUEG and MYRIQ FREEMAN the race was really for second as they ensured the title was headed to Houston.

Disappointment from last year's 15-16 year old runner-up and the 17-18 5th place finish, The Wings was determined to take the title and everyone seemed content. When asked about their thoughts on a title defense, the response was quick and decisive "National Record, that's it." Texas was well represented as Legendary Track-Elite ran a tough race with a 4th place finish.The Wings B team also medaled with their 8th place finish.