Donna North Chiefs Move to UIL Class 6A

There have been situations where after blood, sweat and tears the desired outcome managed to evade us.  Situations where we missed it all by...just this much?  It is probably the most difficult time in the world for an athlete to process, but it happens to the best of us.  If you have ever felt that painful struggle, you can absolutely relate to the Donna North Chiefs.

In 2016 the Chiefs missed winning the 5A State Title, with Senior Daniel De La Cruz up front and center.  Lucas Lovejoy prevailed that day finishing strong, with the Chiefs not far behind them.  Donna North saw a formidable season come to an end, and the squad most definitely gave it their all.  It may have been a bittersweet feeling to realize how close they were to the gold, but there are not many teams that can boast the title of 2nd Best Team in the State of Texas for their division.

The following post-season, Lucas Lovejoy returned to repeat their feat and win the State Title - but the Chiefs were not so lucky.  The team failed to qualify for the state meet by three points, placing right behind Austin LBJ.  The state meet proved a tumultuous ordeal for everyone involved, including Sophomore Jorge Ponce who fell from his 19th place 2016 appearance to just barely entering the top 50 - finishing at 45th place.

Jorge Ponce neat the finish line at the 2016 UIL 5A state cross country meet

Before us lies the 2018 season; One with so many different variables holding so many uncertainties all across the state.  Donna North is receiving one of those shifts that could possibly put the odds in their favor.  Due to district realignments and division changes they will now be competing in the 6A classification.  If that were not enough, they are bringing a strong group of runners - and Lady Luck seems to be giving now Junior Jorge Ponce the ability to showcase a new performance.

Usually, a move up in class could be a imposing and difficult challenge. However, the Chiefs could make their first year a successful one.