First Texas Girls MileSplit 50 Rankings Of 2018

Finally, there is sufficient data to unveil our first rankings of the 2018 season. Since the preseason rankings, there has been a lot that has transpired and a lot learned about. We found out was definitely a capable team, but was snubbed from the preseason rankings, like The Woodlands. We also found out that some teams would live up to their rankings and more, for example, Coppell.

However, there were some teams that totally caught us off guard. San Antonio FEAST was surely going to be good again, but they are showing that they could possibly be a NXN type of team. Then, the total surprises of Prosper and Waxahachie have already made the season interesting and should continue to do so.

The season is still young and many moves and other things will surely happen by time November rolls around. Flip through the slides to see how our first set of rankings look like.

Overall Girls Rankings I 1A I 2A I 3A I 4A I 5A I 6A