Pro-Fit Heritage CC Invitational Meet Info Guide

The Pro-Fit Heritage Invitational is this Thursday, September 24, at Heritage Park in Belton, Texas. Many Central Texas teams will compete in the showdown this week.

The meet procedures and time frames will be closely followed and monitored. Check the attachment to find out the regulations and times of each race.  It is no problem if you are early, but you will need to wait on the bus until the previous session has cleared out and our greeters give the signal to exit the bus.

Meet directors are serious about keeping this a safe, socially-distanced event as much as possible.  Pro-Fit Race Timing Owner/Director Kirsten Lancaster said, "Please share with your parents that there will be no congregating at the start or finish line, and masks are expected to be worn by all spectators over the mouth and nose.  Keeping your athletes safe and healthy is our top priority."

"Please don't hesitate to call, text or email with any questions!"

Kirsten Lancaster, Owner
Pro-Fit Race Timing

Teams Attending 

2 Mile Course Map

3 Mile Course Map