TX No 1 Pole Vaulter Robert Postell Is 'Feeling Pretty Good'

Track and field is a very technical sport with some very technical events and pole vault is one of the most technical. It's also one event where rhythm can mean a lot.

Due to the winter weather we've had in Texas, weeks of practice and competition have been canceled, making it hard to find that preferred rhythm -- and that which can be key to building optimum perfomance.

But don't tell that to Bridgeland senior pole vaulter Robert Postell. He is Texas' No. 1 ranked boys pole vaulter on the 2021 outdoor season with his 16-6 jump at the Dan Green Invitational on March 6.

He has continued to fly high, clearing 16-0 this weekend at his home meet and he was event shooting for a new state leading height of 16-7.

And yet, another key to optimum performance is having fun and Postell is doing just that, saying "oh, I've been having the time of my life."

For Postell, more fun means more success at meets and ultimately being front and center in front of pole vault fans, "I plan to go to so many meets."


This weekend, not only was Postell having fun, but he was feeling pretty good and was able to use a strong tail wind.

"I felt pretty good today. I knew we had a bigger tailwind than last week and I was hoping to get on some bigger poles and maybe PR," he said. 

With the evolution and maturation of Postell's senior season, he is learning to change his approach at meets.

"I'm sort of holding back at lower heights a little bit," he said.

The higher he starts to go, he doesn't want to use all of his energy going through lower heights to be tired later in competitions as the bar gets higher.

Right now, Postell is having a blast vaulting as good and perhaps better than anyone in Texas.