WATCH: Anthony Gregory Squeezes A .14 Win In 1,600m

Houston Strake Jesuit senior Anthony Gregory has been rolling this track and field season. Saturday, he had to get on his horse and really go for it in his win at the Tompkins Classic. He had to battle stiff competition and the ferocious wind that was swirling around in Katy. Gregory was in a 1,600m battle with Houston Stratford junior Emanuel Galdino and Strake Jesuit teammate Reese Vannerson.

After a hard back stretch run between the two Jesuit runners, Gregory finally took the lead only to have Galindo take it moments later. That set up a put your head down in the head wind type of kick with Gregory coming out victorious in 4:22.14. Galindo finished second in 4:22.28 and Vannerson was third two seconds behind in 4:24.58.

Varsity Boys - 1600 M Run                                                     
    Name                     Year School                     Finals
  1 Anthony Gregory               Strake Jesuit             4:22.14           
  2 Galdino, Emanuel              Stratford                 4:22.28           
  3 Reese Vannerson               Strake Jesuit             4:24.58     

Gregory won the 800m earlier in the day in a PR of 1:54.68 as Vannerson won the 3,200m in 9:16.34 over teammate Miles Gillan's 9:17.34. Gregory has run other PRs of 4:13.18 and 9:34.98 this season while Vannerson has 4:14.82 and 9:44.25 PRs, and Gillan has impressively gone 4:17.73 and 9:19.66.

Galindo is also having quite a year with his best performances of 1:53.28 and this weekend's 4:22.28.