3A 4X200 Relay Recap

Brock competes in the 2021 3A Boys 4x200 Relay

- - -

3A Boys 4x200

During the first exchange, Brock handed off the baton smoothly and lead the way to the second handoff where Franklin stayed alongside Brock. Brock kept steady in first place while Franklin and Llano battled it out for second and third. Brock broke through the finish line with a 1:27.28 with Franklin right behind them with a 1:27.97. Llano took third with the time of 1:28.13.

- - -

3A Girls 4x200

Dallas Madison was smooth on all exchanges and took the gold with a time of 1:43.78, Brock finished 2nd with a time of 1:44.19, and Clifton with a photo finish took the bronze with a 1:44.48.