3A Girls 1600m Recap: Hannah Spears Has A Golden Day

Hannah Spears Wins 2021 Girls 3A 1600 Meter Run

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The Holliday distance program is strong and today was evidence of that in the 1,600m and the 3,200m. Junior, Hannah Spears started off by running away to a 3,200m victory early in the morning and teammate Jaycee Lyons was fourth overall. Several hours later, the duo returned for 1,600m action.

The fastest qualifying time for the weekend was from Spears of making her a favorite. It was a clean start and Lorena's Addie Sykora took off with the early lead. Spears took the lead with Sykora right behind her as the two were stride for stride . At 2:34.25 at the halfway point, Spears was still led but started lengthening the gap.

At the bell lap, Spears, Sykora, and Lyons were your top three runners with a substantial lead over the rest of the pack. Spears, a junior, captured her second gold with a time of 5:04.87 as Sykora captured the silver with a time of 5:16.46, and Lyons improved by on place from the 3,200m to make the podium and take the bronze with a time of 5:26.12.