4A 400m Recap

Jalen Gray Wins 2021 4A Boys 400m Dash

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4A Girls 400m

Jozlyn Arana of Andrews came to Austin with the fastest seed time from the regional championships, but the race was completely different from how some might have thought it would go. It was Taylor McFarland from Godley stalking the competition on her outside as she gradually made up the stagger with each of her long strides. However, on her inside another runner was doing the exact same to her. Waco Connally quarter-miler Talayssia Sanders was picking off runners herself. When they hit the 300m mark it was McFarland and Sanders pretty much even coming off the curve and the two battled over the last 100m.

 In the last 50 meters, McFarland pulled ahead and won the gold with a time of 55.81, Sanders secured the silver medal with a 56.53, and Kiana Kebbi from Pearsall won the bronze with a time of 57.25.

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4A Boys 400m

Paris senior Jalen Gray pulled through for the win on the last 100m to take first place with a time of 48.95. Rafe Butcher from Canyon took extreme measures in an attempt to ensure medaling and jumped across the finish line to land himself a second-place finish with a time of 48.95 while Jayden Palacios finished in 3rd place for the bronze medal with a time of 49:32.