6A Girls Hurdle Recap: Jalaysi'ya Smith And Morgan Tayor Win

Jalaysi'ya Smith won the UIL 6A girls 100 hurdles

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6A Girls 100h

DeSoto senior Jalaysi'ya Smith was the 2019 silver medalist and entered this year's meet with the fastest qualifying time of 13.39.

Jalaysi'ya didn't have the best start of the field as she was in a hole to Dickinson's Destiny Smith for the first two hurdles. The All-American didn't panic and by the third hurdle she pulled even with Destiny and by hurdle six, she began to slightly pull away.

She was quick over the last two hurdles to create space and power home to the finish. With the wind(+6.1) at her back, she would win the gold and a new record with a time of 12:93. There was a close contest for the silver and bronze with Destiny taking 2nd place with a time of 13.72, and Jaiya Covington a junior from Houston Eisenhower coming across the line in third place to win the bronze medal with a time of 13.78

1	Jalaysi'ya Smith	12	DeSoto	12.93	6.1	1
2	Destiny Smith	12	Dickinson	13.22	6.1	1
3	Jaiya Covington	11	Aldine Eisenhower	13.28	6.1	1
4	Morgan Taylor	12	Summer Creek	13.29	6.1	1
5	Rylee Hampton	9	Cypress Ridge	13.76	6.1	1
6	Eva Vreeland	11	Flower Mound	14.24	6.1	1
7	Janet Nkwoparah	11	Arlington Bowie	14.50	6.1	1
8	Maci Simmons	12	Austin Vandegrift	14.62	6.1	1
9	Kajia Wilson	11	San Antonio Brennan	14.97	6.1	1

Summer Creek hurdler Morgan Taylor won the UIL 6A girls 300 hurdles from lane eight

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6A Girls 300h

Later in the afternoon, the Smiths were back at it agin in the 300 hurdles, but it was Morgan Taylor a senior from Humble Summer Creek who was flawless in her dissection of the 300hurdles. Out of lane eight, she had a fast start and put the pressure on the rest of the field. Taylor led down the backstretch heading into the curve, but it Destiny applying pressure coming off the turn.

Taylor, who hadn't seen anyone for most of the race wasn't ready to start seeing anyone in front of her and continued to turn things up and pull away. The race was for second and third places with Jalaysi'ya and Destiny battling it out again. Taylor captured the gold with a time of 42.28, Jalaysi'ya Smith won the silver medal with a time of 42:26, and Destiny Smith came in third place with a time of 42.65.

1	Morgan Taylor	12	Summer Creek	42.28		1
2	Jalaysi'ya Smith	12	DeSoto	42.46		1
3	Destiny Smith	12	Dickinson	42.65		1
4	Logan Neely	12	DeSoto	42.92		1
5	Olivia Lueking	12	Clear Creek	43.25		1
6	Maci Simmons	12	Austin Vandegrift	44.24		1
7	Kim Ume-ezeoke	11	Lewisville Marcus	44.25		1
8	Sidney Green	11	Allen	44.85		1
9	Taylen Wise	11	San Antonio Reagan	45.36		1