Texas A&M Countdown Highlight #2: LIGHTS OUT 2016 Boys 400m

2016 Texas A&M High School Indoor Classic boy's 400m final

It's possible you heard the phrase "lights out"; well, that's exactly how good the 2016 Texas A&M High School Indoor Classic was. The lights actually went out in areas of the facility.

Three top ranked U.S. 400m times will do that and that is exactly what we saw. Chance Stephenson, the fourth place runner ran a time of 48.50 that would usually put him on top of the awards stand. However, thanks to Keshun Reed's 47.09, Champion Allison's 47.31, and Howard Fields' 47.75 ranking 1, 2, 3 nationally that wasn't the case.

Watch the 2016 boy's 400m final and see four boys who would eventually all go onto Division 1 programs to compete at the college level.

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