Ernest Campbell, Jared Brackens, Taylor Long 2A Sprint Kings

100 meters

Right out of the gate we had a neck to neck race between Ernest Campbell of Refugio and Jared Brackens of Kerens. Both exploding out of the blocks, they both took control of the race early on. Campbell got his head up last coming off the block and seemed to be the one poised to finish on top. Brackens tried to hold him off with 30m left but Ernest showed he still had plenty left in the tank as he hit a new gear and breezed his way to a gold medal. Cambell hit a 10.32 for first and Brackens hit a 10.37 to earn a silver medal.

Terry Bussey from Timpson also ran a stellar race against some tough competition earning the bronze with a time of 10.66

Ernest Campbell (L) won the 100m in the 

- - -

200 meters

After a close call from a little movement at the blocks, Jared Brackens of Kerens showed his experience as he regrouped and earned his second medal of the day, this one being gold. Jared had a great start out of the blocks and an even greater pull through the curve. His posture and form was also excellent coming down the stretch to easily grab this victory. Finishing off an amazing track career, this senior is your 2A, 200m champ, and finished with a time of 21.53.

Charles Moore, the Junior out of Stamford also had an incredible race as he looked determined to chase down Brackens down the stretch. He stayed tall and was able to hold off the last minute moves from the pack behind him. He cruised to a silver place finish with a time of 21.97.

Jabari Dunn from Hearne will also cap off an amazing running career earning himself a bronze medal with a time of 22.07.

- - -

Taylor Long from Hamilton ran an impressive 200m split and looked like he was determined to hold his lead. Coming down the final stretch it looked like Zakyrn Jackson of Celeste was going to challenge Long for the first place position. He had impressive control but unfortunately could not hold on long as he was just able to battle off the rest of the boys to come in third earning himself a bronze. Taylor Long finished his senior year in the 400m earning gold with a time of 49.12.

The real challenge came from Kasen Jeitz of Centerville who blazed his way through the last 15 meters to nearly take the race from Taylor Long. It was a photo finish for the two but ultimately Jeitz wasn't able to take the top spot and earned himself a silver medal with a time of 49.14.

Zakyrn Jackson respectively finished third with a time of 49.56.