Rudy Alvarez Del Valle Invitational Meet Recap

Week 3 has come and gone in El Paso and the Rudy Alvarez Invitational offered exciting races on both the boys' and girls' sides.

The first race of the morning was the Varsity Girls. Throughout the race, seniors Kassandra Jimenez of Montwood and Natalia Martinez Lopez of Pebble Hills ran alongside each other. Ultimately, Jimenez secured the win running a time of 19:42.10. Martinez Lopez placed second with a time of 19:47.27, and her teammate, junior Natalie Franco placed third with a time of 20:35.64.

Pebble Hills Varsity Girls Team Share Thoughts on Race

After the girls' race, the Varsity Boys were next. First place was a close one between senior Christopher Moreno of San Elizario and junior Daniel Romero of Tornillo. Moreno secured his third win of the season with a time of 16:19.62. Romero came in second with a time of 16:19.98.  Junior Alexander Flores of Eastwood placed third running a time of 16:24.18.

JV Girls ran next and Eastwood runners went 1-2-3. Senior Nahlur Gurrola won the race, running a time of 23:27.02. Sophomore Paulina Estrada placed second with a time of 23:35.84. Junior Annalicia Cabral placed third running a time of 23:43.64.

The JV Boys were the next race for the day. Junior Rafael Gomez from Fabens won the race with a time of 18:48.19. Luke Cruz, a sophomore from Eastwood placed second running a time of 19:04.59. Junior Jose Rosa of Chapin placed third with a time of 19:08.58.

Honorable Mention:

Varsity Girls:

Rebecca Duran, Sophomore, El Paso Chapin, 20:51.12

Itzel Chavez, Sophomore, El Paso Eastlake, 21:05.24

Varsity Boys:

Michael Castorena, Senior, El Paso Parkland, 16:59.44

Efren Moncada, Senior, El Paso Parkland, 17:27.04

JV Girls:

Ashlyn McMillan, Freshman, El Paso Hanks, 24:07.92

Joules Payan, Junior, El Paso Eastwood, 24:16.56

Keilah Valenzuela Garcia, Sophomore, El Paso Burges, 24:29.10

JV Boys:

Devyn Armendariz, Junior, El Paso Eastlake, 19:23.06

Zyler Garnica, El Paso Pebble Hills, 19:24.57