Pablo Lesarri Cranked Things Up To Qualify For Nationals

Pablo Lesarri races towards the finish line at the 2022 Nike South Invitational

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The Woodlands' top runner is supposed to be a move maker and race shaker in Texas distance running. Sometimes, the affect the team has on the scene overlooks the impact the Highlander's number one runner has. However, Pablo Lesarri showed how much of a stronghold the position he holds still has not only in Texas, but in the South Region.

Lesarri has been the No. 1 runner all season long for one of the winningest programs in the state. As a senior, he qualified for the Team Nationals this weekend in Portland, Oregon. His fifth place finish at the Teams South Regional Championships showed being the top runner on The Woodlands still carries a responsibility he was ready to carry the mantle for. Out of all of the runners in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, he proved he is one of the best.

 In the qualifying race, he ran like it. Lesarri took control and ran at the front of the lead pack. It could have been the senior's last cross country race as the lead runner for the program. However, it'll end at the national meet, where the top runner of one of the top programs in the country should end.

Personal Records High School
800 Meter Run1:57.03
1500 Meter Run4:00.43
1600 Meter Run4:15.95
One Mile Run4:25.11
3200 Meter Run9:25.56
3200 Meter Run10:21.81
Two Mile Run10:36.23
4000 Meter Run12:42.20
2.x Mile Run (CC Short Course)14:27.30
Three Mile Run14:26.60
5000 Meter Run15:28.60