Refugio Nets Two Relay Wins And Mason Captures 4x200 Relay

4x100m Relay

Ernest Campbell got the baton in fourth place, but the Refugio Rocket quickly ran past the competition to lead his squad to a second straight 2A Boys 4x100m Relay State title.

Midway through the race it was Marlin and Timpson in the lead as Trajon Butler that put Marlin in the lead at the first exchange, but then Timpson's Terry Bussey put his team right back in the thick of things. At the final exchange it appeared that Marlin had a lead, but Campbell put an end their title dreams quickly.

Refugio ran a great time of 41.95 with Stamford charging late to take second place.

4x200m Relay

The fastest seed time coming in was from Timpson in lane 4 and the defending silver medalist from the 2022 State Meet. Marlin in lane 2 was the defending bronze medalist.

It was a clean start with Marlin in lane 2 getting the first handoff Panhandle wasn't far behind in 6. Things began to change at the second exchange as Marlin and Cisco were your leaders.

It became quite a race at the end and a fabulous finish to put a bow on this race with Mason at 1:28.39 coming through first, Timpson received the silver medal with a 1:28.51 and Cisco with a time of 1:28.97 got the bronze medal.

4x400m Relay

Defending champion Centerville was looking to win another 4x400 relay title, however, so was Mason. The Mason boys had just watched their girls come from behind to win the state title in their 4x400, and coming in with the fastest seed time of 3:23.29, they were looking to make it a 4x400 relay sweep.

It wouldn't be easy as returning silver medalists Refugio had a seed of 3:24.34, Mart with a 3:24.82, and Centerville was in at 3:24.85.

Collinsville was running extremely well on the outside and exchanged first with Mason right behind. Five teams were even at the break on the second leg and the whole pack was chasing Mason.

Mart moved into second with Centerville in third; Mason continued to lead until Centerville charged into the lead on the third leg down the backstretch.

Lurking was Refugio until they weren't anymore. They had the lead at the last exchange with Beckville who also surged and eventually took the lead on the back stretch of the anchor leg.

With only 100m remaining it was four teams bunched together, but Refugio put on the jets to take the gold medal with a time of 3:21 ahead of Mason in at 3:22.08, and Centerville finished third in 3:23.06.