WATCH: McKinney Boyd and Arl Sam Houston Lubbock ISD Battle

Joaquin De La Cruz and Caleb Millard cross the line together making sure we knew it was a Boyd party at the 2023 Lubbock ISD Inv.

- - -

While some teams were previewing the state meet course, McKinney Boyd and Arlington Sam Houston weren't trying to count their eggs before they hatch.

The Region 1-6A team battle is always one of the best of the year and this season it will be no different. It's a fact some ranked teams will be leaving Lubbock with unfulfilled thoughts and emotions after not qualifying for the state championships.

Boyd and Sam Houston were in Lubbock doing their best to ensure they are prepared not to let that happen to them. 

Competing in Lubbock instead of Round Rock is them not putting the cart before the horse. They fared well with hopes of doing it again or better next month.