Jacob Tabor and Adin Lathrop With Epic 800 Duel

Texas A&M Bluebonnet HS Inv.

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Bridgeland senior Adin Lathrop entered the Texas A&M Bluebonnet HS Inv. with a 1:51.71 TX No. 1 ranking in the 800m. The faith he has in his abilities is evident and clear and has been enhanced by his top billing.

Well, that didn't affect the confidence of League City Clear Springs senior Jacob Tabor. Tabor anchors his teams US No. 1 4x800 relay and looked mentally ready to go for this matchup.

The two clashed on the track Saturday and neither gave up on the two lap tug-of-war that included Clear Lake senior Jack Musgrave.

Musgrave led through the first lap with a 55.84 split, but Lathrop pulled alongside of him and after the two shared some common 800m unpleasantries, Musgrave continued to lead onto the backstretch.

That is when Tabor was able to break through the pack and took the lead from Musgrave.

Musgrave was stubborn and refused to relinquish the lead, surging back into the lead on the final stretch. With Tabor and Lathrop still in contention, it looked like Musgrave's push was all he had remaining.

With 100m to go, the three were hip-to-hip-to-hip as they reached deep to find their kicks. The 400m capability of Lathrop and Tabor proved to be the difference.

The state leader, Lathrop was able to get free track and swung into the lead, but it was only momentarily as Tabor would once again make a come back.

The two would carry their battle to the finish line where Tabor was awarded the victory as he crossed the line on hundreths of a second ahead of Lathrop 1:52.79 < 1:59.80.

Boys 800 Meter Run Finals

1Jacob Tabor12LC Clear Springs1:52.7910
2Adin Lathrop12Bridgeland1:52.8010
3Jack Musgrave12Clear Lake High School1:53.5110
4Shawn Freeman12Pearland High School1:54.219