Michael Granville, Cooper Lutkenhaus Taking 1:45 NR To 1:44

It is not often a national record holder gets the opportunity to chat with and cheer the person who will take their record down. That's what we are potentially looking at with Michael Granville and Cooper Lutkenhaus.

In fact, Granville is predicting Lutkenhaus will eventually run 1:44 before he exits high school, saying, "you can take that 1:45 to 1:44."

We had the opportunity to talk to the two high school national record holders in the 800m event in Cooper Lutkenhaus and Michael Granville. Lutkenhaus is the freshman class national record holder at 1:49.12 and Granville (a previous freshman class record holder) is the overall national record holder at 1:46.45.

This weekend, Cooper will continue his season with an appearance at the Brooks PR Invitational, which will be soon followed by the Nike Outdoor Nationals.

Michael will continue to look on from a far and root for him. In the meantime, he will continue his duties as a father, husband, and leading the G:Fit Bootcamp, helping adults get in shape and stay in shape.

In the video below, we discuss the 800m event with the two sharing what it is like running a national record and what goes into running the event at a high level.

- - -

1:40 - Michael Granville reaches out to Cooper Lutkenhaus

4:10 - Head start for Cooper having experience of older siblings in the sport and prior familiarity with HS coach/training style

7:33 - Michael on sacrifices it took to run national record

10:12 - Support and handling new generation distractions (social media, message boards, etc)

13:55 - 400m ability complimenting the 800m

15:55 - Why Michael thinks his NR has stood for 28 years

20:50 - Michael and Cooper 800m running strategies

25:06 - Michael's opinion on Cooper's potential

26:55 - He's going to take that record from 1:45 to 1:44

28:00 - Upcoming expectations

32:10 - MS to HS transition for Cooper

34:00 - Plan for the remainder of the year

40:00 - Cooper running w/o race strategy

42:00 - Handling National Record success

49:00 - Taking time off

49:40 - Michael Granville's current stage of life