Stride by Stride - Oceane Maher

Stride by Stride Track Recap 2/22 ALEX ALDACO Feb 24, 2014

  Hey it’s Oceane, back to give you this week’s recap. We’re still at the very beginning of the season and many have yet to race, but that doesn’t stop others from running fast times. Unfortunately there are no interviews this week, but I will give you my predictions at the end of the recap.

Stride by Stride Girls XC Season Recap Oceane Maher Jan 2, 2014

  We’ve seen several fantastic performances throughout the 2013 cross country season. Starting back at the first week of the season, Natalie Rathjen set the fastest time of the week with a 17:38 5k at Marcus I invitational. Austen Dalquist led the boys with a 15:26.