World Youth Champs Day 4 Recaps/Highlights

Keshun Reed(4x400m) | Adrian Piperi&Gabe Oladipo

Norman Grimes | Julia Heymach

State Champ Norman Grimes made it to Colombia in both the 110H & 400H, while he didn't make the final in the 100H, he crushed both the prelims and semis. Advancing to the final as one of the favorites. It was shaping up to be a heated final with a solid group all running low 51s in the semis, and Japan's Masaki Toyoda hitting a World Youth Lead 50.72.

Then Hurdlemaster Grimes comes outta nowhere and CRUSHES the final! 49.11! He torched the race, making up the stagger from the gun and blowing away the entire field in a new World Youth Leading time!

Not only was it a World Youth Lead, but his 49.11 now also ranks Grimes World Youth #2 ALL TIME!