Jalen Seals Preparation & Possible 50 Footer At NBNI

Fort Worth Boswell's Jalen Seals will compete at the New Balance Nationals Indoors (NBNI) this weekend.

TXMS - Last year, you took 3rd in the long jump. How bad do you want that top spot?

JS - Last year was really a breakthrough year for me in the long jump and there's nothing I'd want more than earn my first national championship in the event.

TXMS - In the LJ this indoor season, you haven't had that 24 footer yet(you hit it twice last year for indoors), how bad are you itching to get there?

JS - I'm pretty excited to get one more chance to jump indoors going 24' 1" the past couple weeks in some pretty harsh conditions really gives me the confidence to pop a big jump on Saturday.

TXMS You're a man on fire in the TJ with some far 49s and an outdoor 50. How confident are you               this year with your triple jumping?

JS - I'm much more confident this year with my triple jumping. I understand what I've been needing to work on from last year and hope to put everything together on Sunday.

TXMS - You have been killing it this season with both your indoor and outdoor marks. What are you shooting for this weekend?

JS - This weekend is going to require the absolute best of my abilities because there's no doubt that this meet will showcase the best jumpers in the nation right now. When it's all said and done I'm looking forward to a 51+ jump and also I'd like to PR in long jump from 24' 11 to 25+

5. TXMS - How much of an advantage do you think your experience and success from last year will be for you this year?

JS - I really don't consider my experience from last year as an advantage but more of a motivation             knowing that It didn't really go as planned and I for sure want to make up for it.


TXMS - When did you find out that you had a future as a jumper?

JS - It wasn't until after USATF Nationals in 2014 when I won triple jump in the 15-16 division at the age of 14. My coaches told me that this was the start of something great and that soon enough my talents will take me to the next level.

TXMS - If you weren't a track and field star, what other sport would you be involved in?

JS - My freshman year, I participated in football, baseball and track. To focus on track I had to give up the other two sports even though baseball was one of my first sports and it was extremely tough to break ties with the team. I'd definitely make a baseball comeback if I wasn't in track and field.

TXMS - As a senior, what kind of advocate/breakthrough would you like to make for jumpers before you graduate?

JS - I'd really like to emphasize the importance of not just jumps but field events in general. Most of the focus goes towards running events but there's plenty of action in the field events as well.

TXMS - This weekend, you ran 10.46 in the 100m. Where did that speed come from and who knew you were capable of this or was it a surprise?

JS - It really was a surprise. I felt like I was fast but I never really had the chance to showcase it until my senior year. Running only relays and hurdles Freshman-Junior year it was nice to see what I can accomplish.


TXMS - If you could take something unique of Texas to NYC with you to influence NYC, what would it be? 

JS - I'd have to bring the Tex-Mex food it's absolutely amazing but unfortunately not the healthiest         option.

TXMS -  If you could be any super hero or X-man, or whatever, who would it be?

JS - There's no one I'd want to more than the Flash. He's the fastest man alive and although he only             has one super power he has to use his brain and his powers to defeat villains.

TXMS -  Pick one boy or girl individual and relay from each event of Texas track and field to battle the rest of the US with you. 

JS - 100- Shamon Ehiemua 200/400 Champion Allison, Hurdles- Eric Edwards, Throws-Adrian Piperi III, Pole Vault- Riley Richards, 4x1- Fort bend marshall 4x2- Lancaster 4x4-Desoto, Jumps-Jasmine Moore, Distance- Daniel Viegra

TXMS -  Who is on your meet day playlist?

JS - Future, Travis Scott, Migos, Young Thug, Drake and The Weekend.

TXMS - If you were the spokesperson for a charity or a cause what would it be and why?                                

JS - I'd be a spokesperson for Special Olympics. I think that it promotes a healthy and active lifestyle
for all people. Special Olympics gives everyone the opportunity to compete at a high level and it's really incredible how all these people volunteer to put on something as amazing as this.