Who Is The Champion Of All Texas State Champions?

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100 Meter Dash

1Kesean Carter2018The Woodlands10.22 10
2Bryson Stubblefield2020Fort Bend Marshall10.55 8
3Antonio Brooks2019Fort Bend Marshall10.57 6
4Cedric Hayes2019Dallas Carter10.62 5
5Dalevon Campbell2019Fort Bend Marshall10.72 4
6Cameron Conyers2018Austin St. Stephens10.76 3
7Ronnie Messer2018Milano10.78 2
8Qualan Jones2020Cedar Hill Trinity Christian10.91 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Jake Lanier2018The Woodlands21.02 10
2Devon Achane2020Fort Bend Marshall21.38 8
3Kesean Carter2018The Woodlands21.59 6
4Cameron Conyers2018Austin St. Stephens21.73 5
5Colin Howard2019Tomball Concordia Lutheran21.88 4
6Korey King2019Fort Bend Marshall21.92 3
7Andrew Elder2019Tomball Concordia Lutheran21.94 2
8Michael Samihamba2020Dallas Carter21.96 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Lakyron Mays2018Dallas Carter46.59 10
2Cameron Conyers2018Austin St. Stephens48.33 8
3Chris Ford2019Cedar Hill Trinity Christian48.47 6
4Ethan Bonner2018The Woodlands48.76 5
5Colin Howard2019Tomball Concordia Lutheran48.96 4
6Isaac Pope0Yoakum49.03 2.5
6Tim Demeritt2018Milano49.03 2.5
8Trevion Ware2018Dallas Carter49.14 1
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800 Meter Run

1Jake Merrell2018Turkey Valley1:50.45 10
2Crayton Carrozza2019Austin St. Stephens1:52.48 8
3Aaron Soltmann2020The Woodlands1:57.95 6
4Gavin Hoffpauir2018The Woodlands1:58.99 5
5Matthew Jones2018The Woodlands1:59.31 4
6Aiden Carlson2018San Antonio FEAST1:59.36 3
7Travis Dowd2019Austin St. Stephens2:00.51 2
8Joshua Moran2018Cedar Hill Trinity Christian2:00.88 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Crayton Carrozza2019Austin St. Stephens4:11.79 10
2Jake Merrell2018Turkey Valley4:11.81 8
3Aiden Carlson2018San Antonio FEAST4:15.50 6
4Gavin Hoffpauir2018The Woodlands4:16.98 5
5Ethan Hammer2020The Woodlands4:19.75 4
6Travis Dowd2019Austin St. Stephens4:22.27 3
7Ethan Mercado2018The Woodlands4:25.14 2
8Josiah Perez0San Antonio FEAST4:27.46 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Gavin Hoffpauir2018The Woodlands9:15.74 10
2Crayton Carrozza2019Austin St. Stephens9:15.93 8
3Ryan Cardinal2020The Woodlands9:17.65 6
4Travis Dowd2019Austin St. Stephens9:23.64 5
5Aiden Carlson2018San Antonio FEAST9:25.31 4
6Ethan Mercado2018The Woodlands9:37.82 3
7Josiah Perez0San Antonio FEAST9:40.56 2
8Joshua Moran2018Cedar Hill Trinity Christian9:47.39 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Dominick Houston-Shepard2019Fort Bend Marshall13.60 10
2Cameron Macon2018Dallas Carter14.22 8
3Jamal January2018Austin St. Stephens14.43 6
4Kevin Callahan2019Dallas Carter14.51 5
5Jean Paul Cesar Pierre2021The Woodlands14.98 4
6Brandon Albiter2018The Woodlands14.99 3
7Isaiah Hudgens2019San Antonio FEAST15.05 2
8Elisha Hartfield2018Dallas Carter15.32 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Dominick Houston-Shepard2019Fort Bend Marshall36.76 10
2Matthias Petterway2019Fort Bend Marshall37.55 8
3Devonte Jones2019Milano38.62 6
4Jamal January2018Austin St. Stephens38.67 5
5Cameron Macon2018Dallas Carter38.89 4
6Kevin Callahan2019Dallas Carter39.11 3
7Jordan Miller2019The Woodlands39.63 2
8Corbett Fong2018Tomball Concordia Lutheran39.89 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1The Woodlands39.98 10
2Fort Bend Marshall40.35 8
3Dallas Carter41.31 6
4Cedar Hill Trinity Christian42.05 5
5Yoakum42.34 4
6Milano42.45 3
7Austin St. Stephens42.86 2
8Tomball Concordia Lutheran43.20 1
SCRFort Bend Marshall41.87 --
SCRYoakum42.92 --
SCRFort Bend Marshall43.10 --
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4x200 Meter Relay

1The Woodlands1:23.25 10
2Fort Bend Marshall1:24.29 8
3Dallas Carter1:27.49 6
4Tomball Concordia Lutheran1:28.78 5
5Flower Mound Coram Deo1:29.40 4
6Yoakum1:30.52 3
7Austin St. Stephens1:30.71 2
8Turkey Valley1:30.82 1
SCRFort Bend Marshall1:28.59 --
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Fort Bend Marshall3:15.27 10
2Dallas Carter3:17.99 8
3Tomball Concordia Lutheran3:18.88 6
4Cedar Hill Trinity Christian3:21.38 5
5Yoakum3:21.90 4
6Milano3:23.73 3
7The Woodlands3:25.25 2
8Turkey Valley3:25.49 1
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High Jump

1Adam Clark2020The Woodlands6-8 10
2Preston Krantz0Cedar Hill Trinity Christian6-6 8
3Deangelo Alexander2018The Woodlands6-4 6
4Carter Bajoit2020The Woodlands6-3 5
5Jaylen Reed2018Tomball Concordia Lutheran6-2 4
6Caleb Johnson2018Flower Mound Coram Deo6-1 2.5
6Isaiah Hudgens2019San Antonio FEAST6-1 2.5
8Jack Johnson2020Tomball Concordia Lutheran6-0 0.25
8Johnny Dotson2019Tomball Concordia Lutheran6-0 0.25
8Joshua Hancock2020San Antonio FEAST6-0 0.25
8Ty Love2020Yoakum6-0 0.25
SCRDeange Alexander0The Woodlands6-4 --
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Triple Jump

1Camiron Smith2018Cedar Hill Trinity Christian47-0.25 10
2Detorian Hurd2019Fort Bend Marshall45-7.25 8
3Jordan Moore2018Yoakum45-5.25 6
4Ty Love2020Yoakum44-7.25 5
5Brendan Hurley2018Tomball Concordia Lutheran44-7 4
6Yosani Clay2018Tomball Concordia Lutheran43-9.75 3
7Jamal January2018Austin St. Stephens43-9 2
8Nichael Whitehead2018Dallas Carter42-10 1
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Long Jump

1Josh Moore2018Yoakum23-6.25 10
2Camiron Smith2018Cedar Hill Trinity Christian23-2 8
3Corbett Fong2018Tomball Concordia Lutheran22-6.5 6
4Devonte Jones2019Milano22-5 5
5Jamal January2018Austin St. Stephens22-4.25 4
6Scott Dickerson2019Tomball Concordia Lutheran21-11 3
7Montreal Irvin2018Dallas Carter21-5 2
8Abraham Omoruyi2019Fort Bend Marshall21-4 1
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Pole Vault

1Collin Jumes2019San Antonio FEAST14-0 10
2Chase Taylor2018The Woodlands13-6 6.333
2Isaiah Hudgens2019San Antonio FEAST13-6 6.333
2James Collin0San Antonio FEAST13-6 6.333
5Brandon Wiley2018The Woodlands13-3 4
6Kevin Koliba0Yoakum13-0 2.5
6Marc Wood2018Temple Central Texas Christian13-0 2.5
8Evan Long2018The Woodlands12-6 0.333
8Jack Littlefield2018Temple Central Texas Christian12-6 0.333
8Kyle Sieracki2020Tomball Concordia Lutheran12-6 0.333
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Shot Put

1Patrick Piperi2019The Woodlands62-10.5 10
2Sean Stavinoha2019The Woodlands53-8.25 8
3Silas Robinson2018Yoakum50-10.5 6
4Barton Clement2018Fort Bend Marshall50-10 5
5Caleb Fox2020The Woodlands50-4 4
6Silas Robertson0Yoakum48-10.5 3
7Noah Barboza2018Tomball Concordia Lutheran46-6.5 2
8Mikell Everett2018San Antonio FEAST46-6 1
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1Patrick Piperi2019The Woodlands184-0 10
2Sean Stavinoha2019The Woodlands180-0 8
3Silas Robinson2018Yoakum162-8 6
4Corbett Fong2018Tomball Concordia Lutheran152-2 5
5Kade Williams2020Dallas Carter150-4 4
6Simon Cruz2020The Woodlands138-9 3
7Mikell Everett2018San Antonio FEAST137-2 2
8Dylan Sanchez2019Fort Bend Marshall137-0 1
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Team Scores

1The Woodlands181.66
2Fort Bend Marshall98
3Austin St. Stephens73
4Dallas Carter65
6Tomball Concordia Lutheran50.83
7San Antonio FEAST46.41
8Cedar Hill Trinity Christian45
10Turkey Valley20
11Flower Mound Coram Deo6.5
12Temple Central Texas Christian2.83