KICK of the Week: Bryce Hoppel Three Peat!

Bryce Hoppel had not just one but three dirty kicks this past weekend at the Sheaner Relays! In the 800m he turned on the jets with 200 to go and dusted the competition by almost 10 meters. Then he came back in the 1600m later in the day and came from 8th place to take the win in a crazy double kick. Parker Scott was kicking down Nick Hawley when Hoppel came in from out of camera view to take the win in the last 100m. The last kick came in one of the last races of the day only a few minutes after Hoppel's big 1600m kick. His team set him up in third place, but Hoppel turned on the jets again to help his team clinch the win. Check them all out int he kick of the week video above!

Full 800m

Full 1600m

Full 4x400m 

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