Meet Recap: Big Time Team And Individual Battles At Flower Mound Individual

Girls Varsity Race

In the girls varsity race, there were some big time names. Marcus I winner Ashlyn Hillyard already has a 17:20 5K on the season, so she was definitely expected to be in the mix of things. However in the end it was Montgomery's Halena Rahmaan who took the lead and ran away with the race in 17:55.53 to hand Hillyard her first loss on the year. Hillyard finished second at 18:04.35.

Rahmaan who is competing in just her second meet of the season shows that she is rounding back into shape after missing a couple of weeks training due to the hurricane effects to her community.

Team wise, this race was a dandy. Flower Mound and Dallas Ursuline Academy were pretty much neck and neck as the first three runners for each team crossed the line. Dallas Ursuline's fourth runner crossed one spot behind Flower Mound's fourth leg, and Flower Mound carried a four point lead. As the fifth runners for each team crossed, Dallas Ursuline's fifth girl came in 23rd  and the watch was on as Flower Mound's fifth couldn't come in after the 26th place finisher. However, their fifth came in 28th giving Dallas Ursuline a one pint advantage over Flower Mound with a 72-73 score. 

The winner of the meet happened to be Marcus.They placed all of their top five runners in the top 20 to take the win over Dallas Ursuline Academy and Flower Mound with 62 points.

Boys Varsity Race

Last week, ALEX MAIER had the week off. In his absence, Flower Mound still had a stellar run by the team's number #1 fill-in KIRK JARRETT. Jarrett ran an awesome 15:12.00 5K at the Southlake Carroll Invitational waking everybody up and opening a bunch of eyes. This week, the tandem went 1-2 in the boys varsity race. Montgomery's Alec Wright.