San Antonio Distance Runner Zoom

Have you missed some of the top track and field athletes this Spring? Well, so have we. Luckily, some of San Antonio's top distance runners wanted get online and chat with us. 

Of course, we talked about serious topics, but if you know this crew then you know being too serious isn't their style. 

Here is the crew that joined Will and Coach Kenny Dirkson and their 2020 stats:

Lauren Bettencourt - San Antonio FEAST Home School - 4:55/10:56

Santos Flores - San Antonio Wagner - 4:20/1:56

Anastacia "Chachi" Gonzales - Boerne Champion - 2:07/4:51

Amalie Mills - Smithson Valley - 5:12/11:06

Kelsie Vicknair - Boerne Champion (Texas signee)- 5:02/10:57

Foster Wilfong - Boerne Champion - 4:20/9:12