District 28-6A 3,200m Run Turned Into A Straight Up Sprint

To advance beyond district to the next round, you don't necessarily have to run fast, jump or high or far, or throw far; you just have to do fast, high, or far enough.  The district 28-6A championship boy's 3200m race went down just like that. It wasn't necessarily done in fast fashion, but for the advancers it was done fast enough.

The fastest runners in the race sat back with one another and felt one another out for the majority of the race. Nearing the end of the race, there were seven to eight runners in contention for qualifying positions and something had to give.

1	Tristan Galvan	12	San Antonio Brandeis	9:58.99		1
2	Taj Lee	12	San Antonio Johnson	9:59.93		1
3	Skyler Roper	11	San Antonio Brandeis	10:00.13		1
4	Tate Underwood	10	San Antonio Johnson	10:02.68		1
5	Hayden Scott	9	San Antonio Brandeis	10:05.35		1

The pace eventually picked up as the runner's urgency started to set in. But each runner started to match each move being made until things turned into an all out kick about 500m out.

San Antonio Brandeis senior Tristan Galvan began to pick up the pace and the field started to stretch out and only five runners remained within reach of qualifying positons. The problem is that only four runners would move on to the area meet. San Antonio Johnson runners Taj Lee and Tate Underwood along with Brandeis' Skyler Roper and Hayden Scott were all in tow with Galvan as things turned into an all out race.

With 200m to go, it was a three man race when the super sprint ensued. The race looked more like a 200m dash with Lee pulling up on the side of Galvan. Eventually, Galvan would cross the line first in 9:58.99 with Lee close behind in 9:59.93 and then Roper in 10:00.13.

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