3A Boys Sprint Recap: Brenen Thompson Doubles

Demari Wilson from Whitney competes in the 2021 boys 100m dash.

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3A Boys 100m

Demari Wilson of Whitney and Brenen Thompson Spearman stayed neck and neck through the whole race. Demari pulled through the finish line first with the time of 10:38. Brenen sped through only milliseconds behind him with a 10:40. Dre'lyn Washington of Hemphill slid in as the third-place finisher with a 10.83. 

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3A Boys 200m

Brenen Thompson of Spearman led the way from start to finish in lane four and took first place with a time of 21:27. Dre'Lyn Washington of Hemphill and Xavier Cox-Dunlap of Whiteright fought for second place behind Brenen. Washington took the silver medal with a time of 22:13 and Cox-Dunlap came in third with a time of 22:36.