5A Boys Relay Recap: Fast And Furious 5A Friday

- - -

5A Boys 4X100m

After a smooth first handoff, the teams stayed staggered until the second exchange where Crosby pulled ahead. Longview widened their strides in an attempt to overtake Crosby. After the last baton handoff, Crosby left no room for error with a finishing time of 40.66. Longview finished their race with a 40:79 and Fort Bend Marshall directly behind with a finishing time of 40:95. 

- - -

5A Boys 4X200m

At the first exchange, Fort Bend Marshall led the way while Frisco Liberty held their own right beside them. As the second exchange approached Longview was briefly in the lead. At the top of the turn, Fort Bend Marshall took the lead to hand off the final exchange where they snagged the gold metal with a time of 1:25.23. Frisco Liberty was directly behind to take the silver with a 1:25.58 then Longview with a time of 1:25.70.

- - -

5A Boys 4X400m

After a smooth handoff, Brenham and Manvel take the lead. Manvel overtook Brenham after the second exchange. Frisco Liberty sped up in the third lap to leave behind Manvel and Brenham. The final lap was underway when Frisco Liberty kicked it into gear to remain neck and neck with Manvel. It was a fight to finish as Frisco stepped over the line first with a 3:15.39. Manvel with a close 3:15.49 and Amarillo finished in third with a 3:17.71.