5A Girls Sprint Recap: Kenondra Davis Goes 11.27 and 23.11

5A Kenondra Davis wins the 2021 5A girls 100m 

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5A Girls 100m

Kenondra Davis had the fastest time coming into today's race. The girls shot out of their starting blocks looking to set some records today. In lane four, Kenondra Davis a senior from Fort Worth Trimble Tech led the entire time and sped to the finish for the gold medal with a time of 11:27. A photo finish for second and third with Michaela Francois a senior from Pflugerville Weiss finishing in 2nd place with a time of 11:62, and Brianna Howard a senior from Beaumont United won a bronze medal with a time of 11.71.

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5A Girls 200m

The fastest time this year comes out of lane 6 from senior Kenondra Davis of Fort Worth Trimble Tech.

Davis took off with a commanding presence and never relinquished her lead. With 100 meters to go Kenondra Davis motored it home and won the gold with a time of 23.11.

Christine Mallard, a junior from Mansfield Legacy challenged but came up short winning the silver with a time of 23.92. Madison Jeffries a junior from Frisco Reedy grabbed the bronze medal with a time of 24:13.

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Cesley Williams wins UIL 5A Girls 400m

5A Girls 400m

The fastest qualifying time coming into today's meet was Cesley Williams, a junior from Fort Bend Marshall.

The girls had a clean start to begin the race. In lane 5, Williams came off the curve first for the lead. It was Williams and Kendahl Tucker, a junior from Burleson Centennial with the lead at the halfway point. 

The silver winner from 2019 Williams, captured the gold medal with a time of 54:07. Tucker won the silver medal with a time of 54:66. Jaiden Itson, a senior from Fort Bend Hightower came on strong at the end to finish with the bronze with a time of 55:33.