1A Boys Relay Recap: Paducah, Rankin, And Sands Take Wins

1A Boys 4x100m Relay

Paducah led the way with the first hand off where Cross Plains and Richland Springs  stayed neck and neck. The last exchange is where there was a turn of events. The final 100 meters is where Paducah pulled away and took the gold with the time of 43:99.

Cross Plains slid into second only milliseconds behind Paducah with a 44:04 and Richland Springs with a 44:08.

- - -

1A Boys 4x200m Relay 

At the first exchange Cross Plains broke up the stagger and took the lead and remained in the lead until Paducah overtook them at the top of the turn.

With 200 meters remaining in the final kick Paducah and Rankin battled it out for Paducah to win with the blazing fast time of 1:29.41. Rankin steals second with a 1:29.95 followed by Cross Plains with a 1:32.35.

- - -

1A Boys 4x400

Ackerly Sands (AK) came in with the fastest time from regionals, but it was Sterling City taking the early lead. Gail Borden would challenge for second and then for first before the second exchange. On the third leg, AK would take the lead and Sterling city  would take it back, but the swinging door continued as they handed off simultaneously.

With 200m remaining, AK had the lead and put the race to bed in the final 100m for the win in 3:30.43, with Sterling City second in 3:31.74, and Garden City moving up to third in 3:33.56.