Girls Teams With Potential To Win UIL 6A State Championship

Shadow Creek 4x200 relay poses at the 2022 UIL state meet

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With district championships going down this weekend, this is the beginning of the end of the UIL 2023 track and field season. Individual athletes and relays will begin to qualify for the next rounds with the ultimate goal being to end their season at the state meet with the hopes of winning a state title.

We want to take an early and fast forward look to the state meet. We have populated the UIL 6A girls state rankings to see which teams have chances to win the team title. Based on our rankings from results submitted we assigned a more traditional meet point system that is different than the UIL point system, but it shows which teams you'll want to keep an eye on and see how they maneuver through the qualifying rounds.

Our list has five teams within 10 points of one another.

Last year, Flower Mound made history and perhaps did something many thought not possible in Texas track and field with the way the events and scoring go. They won out the team title with distance runners and a high jumpers scoring all of their points and no sprint relays.

In our rankings, the Lady Jaguars are back and topping the top of the scores. They are again led by their cross country runners and top heavy distance base. After graduating a once in a lifetime type of talent (Natalie Cook), it's the Humphrey twins Samantha and Nicole looking to help lead the scoring load. Until later this week, we won't be sure if the Humphries duo will run the distance trifecta (800m, 1600m, and 3200m) or choose one or two of the three events like Samantha did last year.

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For conjecture, we'll take the events they rank in. Samantha is the top ranked miler in the state with Nicole and Alexandra Fox both ranked in the top 10. Nicole is ranked second in the 3200m and Fox is fourth in the state rankings. For extra info, Samantha is the defending UIL 6A state champion in the 800m and the twins both produced 2:08 and 2:10 splits in the 4x800 relay at Texas Relays.

Aside from the trio that went 1, 2, 3 at the state cross country championships, Flower Mound has another chance to add two points again for the second year in a row with reigning defending state champ Riley Ward. She leads the state with her 6-0 clearance.

Duncanville has the pieces to not only get on the podium, but to win it all. Perhaps Duncanville has a smooth path to Austin and have a chance to do their thing. Individually, they have a fantastic hurdle duo of Kennedy Brown and Indyia Walton who have the luxury of competing against one another in practice. They're the top two 100 meter hurdlers in Region 2-6A and come in No. 4 and No. 5 in the state with Walton also sitting in a good spot in the 300 meter hurdles.

Aaliyah Gipson is one of the top 100m sprinters in the state checking in at No. 6 for wind legal/FAT performances. Ashley Lister has the ability to make it to Austin and add quality points in the long jump. At 19-4.5, she has the fourth best wind legal jump in the state in 2023. Gibson and Lister would definitely bolster the Lady Panther's point total.

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Duncanville has the opportunity to score big in the relays. In the 4x100 relay, they are ranked No. 4 in the state and No. 2 in Region 2-6A, ranked second in the 4x200 with at top ranking in the region, and are third in the region in the 4x400 relay. 

Speaking of relays, Shadow Creek is in the same boat as Duncanville. They have the possibility of getting 60 points from the relays alone as they are currently ranked No. 1 in Texas in all three spring relay events.

That is a tough stat to bank on, especially when it comes to exchanges and counting on four athletes three separate times. However, Shadow Creek has proven more than once they are composed and talented enough to do it. They won the 4x200 and 4x400 last year to tally 40 points, which was good enough for the second place trophy. Recently, they won all three relay events at the Texas Relays.

They could need some of the individual event help if they want to knock off Flower Mound and hold off Duncanville. Senior Sydney Bryant is ranked No. 7 in Texas in the 200m and second in Region 3-6A. Nia Parks, another senior is ranked No. 10 in Texas in the 400m and third in the region.

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DeSoto has been quietly making the transition from one head coach to another, but they have some girls who have the experience necessary to make a strong push for a state title. 

Cydni Martin and Amelliah Birdow are hurdling well this year. Martin is right behind Duncanville's Brown and Walton in the 100 meter hurdles, but Birdow is third in the state and leads the path to Austin in Region 2-6A. Nasaya Williams has been solid in the 100m this year and the same could be said for Taryn Bailey in the 800m. Bailey has the second fastest time in the region in the 800m.

It would be a conversation about DeSoto if we didn't talk sprint relays and they are solid in all three this year. They are ranked third in the region in the 4x100 and the 4x200 relays and their 4x400 run at Texas Relays has them at the top spot in the region.

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Prosper has a shot at making noise and pushing for the podium as well. They'll definitely need help surviving the region, but there is a chance.

They have super sprinter Lauren Lewis leading the way this year as she is ranked No. 2 in the state in the 200m and No. 1 in the 400m. She is the reigning defending 400m state champ and will be extremely hard for anyone to beat. Fellow senior Shewaye Johnson is ranked 10th in the state in the 3200m and will have to battle the FloMo crew in the 3200m at regionals, but she definitely has the ability to make it happen.

The other possible state meet qualifiers and point scoring from Prosper comes from Kayla Watson in the long jump and the 4x400 relay. Watson is the fifth ranked long jumper in Texas and the second best in Region 1-6A and although she has to battle one of the the top jumpers in the country in her own district, she could have a fairly decent path other than that.

The Prosper 4x400 will need to battle. They made the finals at Texas Relays and got a 51.x lead off split from Lewis, but they are ranked No. 5 in the state and have the fastest time in the region.

UIL 6A Girls Team Scoring

Samantha Humphries 1600m 1010
Alexandra Fox 1600m 4 3200m 610
Nicole Humphries 1600m 3 3200m 811
Riley Ward HJ 1010
Kennedy Brown 100H 66
Indyia Walton 100H 5 300H 27
Aaliyah Gipson 100m 55
Duncanville 4x100m 6 4x200m 8 4x400m 317
Ashley Lister LJ 55
Sydney Bryant 200m 44
Nia Parks 400m 22
Shadow Creek 4x100m 10 4x200m 10 4x400m 1030
Cydni Martin 100H 44
Nasaya Williams 100m 11
Amelliah Birdow 300H 88
DeSoto 4x100m 5 4x200m 5 4x400m 818
Taryn Bailey 800m 55
Lauren Lewis 200m 8 400m 1018
Shewaye Johnson 3200m 22
Prosper 4x400m 55
Kayla Watson LJ 66
Nia Hampton 200m 11
Klein Forest 4x100m 8 4x200m 6 4x400m 418
Cornelia Watts S 88
Jordyn Price 100m 88
Staucie Lees 3200m 33
Jaela Auguste HJ 4.54.5
Samara Coleman HJ 4.54.5
Anaya Webster LJ 3.53.5
Sophia Kowalski PV 22
Kyla Lewis 400m 44
Skylynn Townsend LJ 10 TJ 818
Emma Wade 1600m 8 3200m 412
chesni scott D 88
India Alix LJ 8 TJ 1018
San Juanita Leal 1600m 6 3200m 10 800m 117
Nita Koom-Dadzie 100m 10 200m 212
Olivia Allen 300H 44
Lillian Harden 100H 88
Bridgeland 4x100m 22
Tierra Cullivan PV 66
Emma Sralla D 10 S 616
Megan Judd HJ 66
Skyler Schuller LJ 2 PV 7.59.5
Brooke Lloyd 400m 55
Madisyn Jackson 400m 11
Humble Summer Creek 4x200m 3 4x400m 69
Faith Franklin 200m 3 400m 811
Jazmine Thompson D 44
Rylee Hampton 100H 10 300H 515
Isabella Dagrosa 300H 6 LJ 3.59.5
San Antonio Reagan 4x400m 22
Aditi Silwal 1600m 11
Skylar Brazzell 200m 1010
Keyona Otis D 5.55.5
Keonna Otis D 5.55.5
Katy 4x400m 11
Elizabeth Brooks 800m 1010
Lashavia Barclay 100H 22
Paris Kimble S 33
Kennedy Jacquet TJ 33
Mia Maxwell TJ 22
Sidney Green 300H 1010
Molly Haywood PV 1010
Sophia Nguyen 1600m 2 800m 35
Raina Thomas HJ 4.54.5
Sasha Crawford 800m 22
Jacqueline Rose PV 7.57.5
Ava Bushaw 1600m 5 800m 49
Celeste Robinson 100m 66
Houston Cyp. Ranch 4x200m 22
Leah Acosta D 3 S 58
Madison Peters 3200m 55
Michaela McCall 400m 33
Claire Lowrey HJ 88
Gia Kurp 800m 88
Madison Carlton HJ 4.54.5
Janey Campbell S 22
Kacie Rhodes D 22
Cassidy Ball S 44
Iyanna Webb TJ 66
Caila Lyons 800m 66
Ivana Odonkor 400m 66
Alaya Gradney 200m 66
Caressa Vajdos PV 55
Brenna Stell PV 11
Sophia Day TJ 44
Taylor Jackson 200m 55
Alexis Jessie TJ 55
Cali Bryant HJ 4.54.5
Kamryn McLaurin HJ 4.54.5
Elizabeth Abiara HJ 4.54.5
Klein Oak 4x100m 44
Madison Ceasar 100H 33
Trina Hubert D 11
Plano East 4x200m 44
Te'Anna Harlin 100m 44
Jacelyn Neighbors PV 3.53.5
Katelyn Andrews PV 3.53.5
Dickinson 4x100m 33
Sophia Farris 300H 33
Kylah Woods 100m 33
Arlington Martin 4x200m 11
Caitlyn Cavitt LJ 11
Riyah Burns 100H 11
Kaderria Hobbs 300H 11
Michaela Booker S 11
Rowan Saacke 3200m 11
Dallas Skyline 4x100m 11
Melania Jetawo TJ 11