McKenzie Bailey Wins 5A Girls 3200m, Lovejoy Earns 18 Points


Ones to watch for this exciting race were the bronze medalist from last year Amy Morefield, a senior from Lucas Lovejoy looking to add more hardware to her trophy case, and senior McKenzie Bailey from Georgetown had the best time coming into the state meet.

It was a quick start to the race with everyone staying tightly bunched together. Everyone was content to let the pack set the pace for the beginning of this race.

Amy Morefield and Reese Pena, a sophomore from Lubbock, came through neck and neck through the first 400 around the 1:18 mark.

Still pack running through the first 800 with Sara Morefield a junior for Lucas Lovejoy took the second lap with Dana Rojas Vazquez a sophomore from McAllen came through in second and Amy Morefield rounded out the top three.

Sara Morefield was still in the lead at 1200 with a 1:21.69 while Bailey slid into second with a 1:21.50, now running side by side through this lap.

McKenzie Bailey gets a hug from the stands after winning the state championships

Photo Credit: Christine Langford/MileSplit TX

Bailey took the lead at the halfway point with a 1:21.57, Sara Morefield moved to second with a time of 1:21.81 and her sister Amy Morefield followed right behind in 3rd with a 1:21.68. Bailey continued to put a little breathing room between her and Sara Morefield but they stayed neck and neck until Bailey took off and left the pack of four behind.

With two laps to go, Bailey came through at 1:20.70 while the Morefield sisters were running in second and third place.

At the bell lap, Bailey sealed the deal and moved the field into their last lap with a 1:21.19 and took a commanding lead, Sara Morefield was following behind in second with a 1:24.39 and Amy Morefield trailed in third place with a 1:24.32.

Bailey finished in first place and took home the gold with a time of 10:39.23. Amy Morefield with a strong kick at the end captured the silver with a time of 10:42.58 and Sara Morefield rounded out your top three receiving the bronze with a 10:43.73.